Standard Collection

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Content: 100% Polyolefin
Pattern Repeat: N/A
Width: 56"
Weight: 16oz per Linear Yard
LIghtfastness: AATCC 16 (40 hours); Class 4
Flammability: Passes CAL 117-E
Double Rubs: 150,000+


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Light Cleaning

To maintain the beauty of chairs and upholstered furniture, regular cleaning is essential. Regular upkeep and light maintenance will remove dust and airborne particles. While daily vacuuming isn't required, a weekly light vacuum using nozzle attachments can reduce accumulated dirt.

It also allows for inspection of glides or stacking buttons that may need replacement.

Heavy Cleaning

Create a cleaning solution by mixing ¼ cup dishwashing liquid with 1 gallon of warm water. Use a sponge or microfiber cloth to clean the chair, ensuring it's not too wet. Let the chair dry completely before use.

Speed up drying by using a wet vac, which prevents dirt from getting into the foam and promotes better airflow.

Steam Cleaning

Unlike plain water or a soap solution, steam can help moisturize a stain, making it easier to lift. The most convenient way to achieve this is by using a steam vacuum. Alternatively, applying a standard iron with a steam setting over the stained area may also be effective.

Steam is also an excellent method for disinfecting chairs.