7701X-20" Sample Pack

Regular price$20.00

Included in Sample Pack:
  • 7701-X 20" Chair (Colour of sample chair may vary)
  • Cold Cured Foam Sample
  • 8 Stocking Fabric Swatches
  • 3 Frame Finish Sample Chips

The SUMMIT Series 7701-X Church Chair offers a plush waterfall seat, and a comfort curved foam back that provides your guest with an unmatched sitting experience.

With Cold Cured Foam, you are getting the same foam that is found in automotive and high end theater seating. Each cushion is individually molded, creating the least amount of waste, and providing a foam that will last for decades, while retaining its original shape and comfort.

•  Cold Cured Foam Seat & Back (NEW!)
•  Fully Assembled
•  Fabric Card Pocket Included (5½”W x 6″H)
•  Comfort Back – Standard Feature
•  Stacks 6 – 8 High
•  Seamless Seating (Interlocks to create a pew-like effect)

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100% Cold Cured Foam

Cold Cured Foam provides superior resiliency and shape holding power, allowing your cushions to last and last. Your guests will get the same consistent and comfortable sit every time.

standard feature on all 7700 series of chairs.

Where was your foam thickness measured?

Over 4 inches of foam isn’t always 4 inches of foam. We measure only the part of foam you sit on. Others may not.

What’s holding your chair together?

ComforTek uses only StaFast “Ultimate” T-nuts, which gives a metal to metal connection for superior holding power, not wood screws.

Is out of sight, really out of mind?

Plywood vs. Chipboard. All Summit Series of church chairs use plywood versus chipboard.

What’s my total investment?

All our chairs are fully assembled. Others will give you a great price, but you supply the labor to assemble.

Who’s standing behind your chairs?

All Summit Series of church chairs come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 years on the foam, and 10 years on the fabric stitching and seams.

What is the comfort level after 20 minutes?

All Summit Series of Church Chairs give you 1½″ of foam and lumbar support on the back, for sustained comfort.